We are on a quest. A quest to unearth the truth behind the mystery-shrouded perhaps-secret-society of the Five-Fingered Feather Fellows. Members are discernible by their unique greeting - raising a hand, fingers extended like you're about to trace them to make a turkey in arts and crafts, with the thumb touching the nose. This is generally followed by a quick waggling of the fingers.

On this page, we will catalog our sleuthing. There is more to this story, and we will not rest until it's brought to the light.

4/9/21. In this Facebook post, several pieces of information are revealed.

4/16/21. We further sleuthed additional support for this strange society's existence.

4/24/21. It got stranger as we discovered photos like this, from the old Lollipop Collective site.


5/321. We discovered coins bearing the 4F greeting... and are distributing them at the stand. We also minted a digital version as an NFT - it comes with a $200 White Duck gift card.