White Duck Espresso

Here's the truth – we started White Duck Espresso for ourselves. After living in Tampa Bay as Seattle transplants for over a decade, and still not finding that perfect on-the-go caffeine experience, we knew it was time to build one.

In every little city in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find dozens (often over 100!) of coffee stands, which are typically just a “shed with 2 windows.” It’s the best way to grab a morning coffee, or an afternoon one. With baristas who remember your name, a wealth of flavors and drink options, and a bit of wit, it’s how the PNW gets coffee on the go. White Duck brings that experience to Tampa Bay.

We've got espresso-based staples like americanos, lattes, and mochas, and great drip coffee. But we also bring some west coast originals like Lotus energy drinks (all the energy of an energy drink, but plant-based and in any flavor we stock!), Red Bull Chargers, espresso shakes (including nonfat yogurt-based), and Italian sodas.

Get ready for your new favorite way to get coffee on the go.



Friends for over 20 years, Josh shared our motivation to get White Duck started in Tampa Bay, and is our Seattle-side founder. Think we can convince him to move to Tampa Bay? 🙂 Josh drinks a dry cappuccino.




Robyn’s first name for the White Duck was “The Original White Duck,” and we still think that’s a cool idea. She brings the flavors and menu to life, sourcing the best products so you get a great cup every time you visit us. She likes a red raspberry vanilla pink Lotus with cream.




Married to Robyn, Kyle is also a Seattle to Tampa transplant, arriving with her in 2005. He likes to say in Seattle “they’ve got espresso instead of blood,” and helps Robyn with White Duck's growth. His favorite coffee drink is a toasted marshmallow mocha.



Making a Difference for Kids: Beat Childhood Cancer

A percentage of every sale White Duck Espresso makes goes directly to helping KIDS beat cancer, through the nonprofit Beat Childhood Cancer. The parent-founded and parent-led organization drives clinical trials and research in over 45 children's hospitals and research institutions across North America.

Our founders Robyn and Kyle Matthews lost their first son, Ezra, to neuroblastoma cancer in 2010, and helped to found Beat Nb. Kyle serves the group as Executive Director today.

Take a look at some of the impact we're having alongside Beat Childhood Cancer - we couldn't be prouder to partner with them.