Billboards are Fun

If you live around White Duck, you might remember our billboards from earlier this year. We wanted to put up some billboards celebrating our 2 year anniversary, like the one above. (Where Tierra is quite obviously Photoshopped in because she couldn’t make the photo shoot).

We had the billboard for 3 more months… so we figured we’d honor our favorite Yelp reviewer for a bit.

As the billboard rotated through its parade of “things the world would like you to know,” we found camaraderie in the messages.

There was just so much to see.

You saw these, right?!

Watch for Whittney!

And that special Florida vibe…

We even asked for voicemails… although only a few of you called. So sad.

Here’s all the graphics on their own…

(we also did these two)

People were very concerned with the photo of Blake above – they kept asking us if he’d died. He had not. Blake is fine. It says right on the billboard that it’s congratulating him for his 1 year anniversary.

The billboard people emailed again asking if we’d like to go another round… hmmmm…