On Thursday, May 6th, we received a month-late shipment of 3 pallets of our printed cups (hey, how've you been liking all those stickers on your cups? 🙂

The thing is, one of the pallets, when we looked in the boxes, was actually NOT OUR CUPS. It was thousands of cups printed with the logo for Turning Point Beer. They're a brewery in Bedford, Tx; 1,076 miles from our drive-thru coffee stand in New Port Richey, FL.

Luckily, they seemed like fun people, so we began to banter on social media about their cups we now had.

Our cup vendor wouldn't accept the shipment back since we'd already removed it from the pallet, and said to just trash it and they'd get them new ones.

So obviously the only choice we had was to rent an RV from Mid Florida RV, pack the cups in said RV, and drive to meet these cool fellow brewing people. This page chronicles the posts.

Check out the news coverage from FOX 4 KDFW!

Thursday, May 6th. We originally post we received the cups. Turning Point does not reply.

Friday, May 7th. We post again. We still hadn't heard from Turning Point.

Saturday, May 8th. We receive replies. We have new best friends. We try to figure out a solution to #TheCaseOfTheMissingCups. Collabs are posited...

Monday, May 10th. Our vendor says since we already unwrapped the pallet, their shipper can't pick the cups back up. We have no choice. We rent an RV and prepare to hightail it to Bedford, TX, to get these cups to their rightful owners.

Late Tuesday night, May 11th. We receive replies. Our trip begins. We drive through the night, bearing gifts from our friends at Bake'n Babes, the city of New Port Richey... and Turning Point's cups.

Wednesday, May 12th. WE ARRIVE to perfection. The Turning Point crew have hand-crafted signs and a cheering welcoming squad. The news is there. The Mayor of Bedford is there. We celebrate by putting beer in those cups, and all of us become best friends. We plan collaborations to come. We embrace. We are happy. It is good.